Children’s Language Testing (age 6-14)

If you to correct linguistic formation of bilingual children, we offer a unique opportunity to undergo children's testing at the ages of 6 to 14 years and get an individual diagnosis of the linguistic development of your children.

You will know:

  • The real level of knowledge of the Russian language of your children;
  • Children's progress over the year of study in a Russian school;
  • Correspondence of the level of language proficiency and the level of cognitive development of the child in Russian;
  • The effectiveness of your child’s learning system.

This test will allow you to assess the quality of assimilation of the material, to identify the problems that the child encounters when learning the Russian language; identify the degree of influence of the language of socialization on the Russian language of the child and outline ways to overcome errors in children's speech.

Testing was developed by professionals in the field of bilingual education (E. A. Hamraeva, T. A. Shorina, L. M. Samatova, O. Yu. Ryauzova, A. K. Novikova) and is conducted by independent qualified experts.

After the child passes the test, he will receive a state certificate.

RFL diagnostic material consists of tasks on five main aspects:

  1. listening perception (listening),
  2. perception of written speech (reading),
  3. writing production (writing),
  4. spoken language (speaking),
  5. lexical and grammatical assignment.

The child must be at least 6 years old.



Elementary level of communicative competence.
6-7 years


Elementary level of communicative competence in the educational and domestic fields.
7-8 years


The basic level of communicative competence.
8-9 years


Basic level of communicative competency and general educational skills.
9-10 years


General knowledge of Russian.
10-12 years


General knowledge of the Russian language in educational and sociocultural areas.
12-14 years

Указана нижняя граница возраста тестируемых. Дети старшего возраста могут сдавать материал младшего возрастного диапазона (например, в 12 лет сдавать А2.2.).

Дети младшего возраста не могут сдавать материал старшего диапазона.

При достижении ребёнком возраста 14 лет предлагается сертификационное тестирование русского языка как иностранного.

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