Chinese Assistant


The curriculum for the present academic year «Chinese Assistant»

The curriculum is focused on the annual statutory term of development a training program. Duration of the course - 36 academic hours.
Lesson duration - 45 minutes.

Number of lessons Sections
24 lessons Speaking practice
6 lessons Phonetics and vocabulary
6 lessons Outdoor lesson

The list of topics is not fixed and may vary depending on the program of educational institution. The schedule of classes is determined by the institution in accordance with the curriculum.

Speaking practice

Improving the knowledge of all kinds of dialogue on the basis of the new themes and extensions of situations both formal and informal communication. Development of abilities: to participate in a conversation / discussion on a familiar topic, make information request to seek clarification and to express their attitude to the statement of the partner, their views on discussed topic. Monological speech. Improving the knowledge of different types of monologue, including statements in connection with the seen / read messages (including the work on the project). Development of abilities: to make messages that contain the most important information on the topic / issue; briefly transmit the content to the information received; talk about themselves, their environment, their plans, justifying their intentions / actions; to talk about the facts / events, citing examples, arguments, drawing conclusions, especially to describe the life and culture of their country and the country / countries in the target language.

  1. Scientific and technological progress;
  2. Nature and ecology;
  3. Youth in modern society;
  4. Debate;
  5. Youth leisure;
  6. The role of foreign language in today's world;
  7. Successful job interview;
  8. Art in our lives;
  9. Space and Science;
  10. Society and its problems;
  11. Sport;
  12. Media;
  13. Education and etc.

Phonetics and vocabulary

The lexical aspect of speech

Expanding the scope of productive and receptive vocabulary minimum by lexical means serving new topics, problems and situations of communication, as well as the evaluation of vocabulary, speech-cliches of speech etiquette, reflecting the peculiarities of the culture of the country / countries in the target language.Expansion of the potential vocabulary by mastering new word-formation models, international vocabulary.

The phonetical aspect of speech

It’s necessary to pay more attention, because reading and writing requires a well-developed phonemic hearing, the ability to perceive, correctly distinguish all the phonemes, learn to analyze them, to allocate every sound of the word, combine isolated sounds into words; this requires a clear distinction between phonemes, distinct sound analysis and synthesis.

Outdoor lesson

The development of country studies knowledge and skills, based on a comparison of the facts of the native culture and the culture of the target language countries. The increase in volume due to new themes and issues of verbal communication, including interdisciplinary nature.

  1. Everyday life, everyday life, family;
  2. Health and care for it;
  3. Life in the city and the countryside;
  4. The country of studied language, their cultural characteristics;
  5. Sights;
  6. The contemporary world of professions.
Academic plan

 Chinese assistants 
 are the best qualified teachers from 

Chinese assistant is a native speaker and professional teacher of the Chinese language, which conducts lessons on conversational practice with students learning Chinese as a foreign language. Topics may correspond to the curriculum or to be "free". In the latter case, the assistant can talk with students on any relevant topic.

To increase the effectiveness of the lessons the assistant can hold classes from a geographical point that best corresponds to the topic of the classes. Thus, the students have an opportunity to virtually dive into the language environment.


The frequency and time of the lessons can be set by you in accordance with the curriculum. For example, to overcome the language barrier and the fear of speaking foreign language with natives, student can start the practice with assistant once a week.

Classes are conducted via our e-learning platform. For the class requires only a computer with Internet access.

The program is aimed at expanding the vocabulary and learning how to communicate in the modern Chinese language for the 2 level HSK students.

The course intended for groups of 15 students or less.

  • Assistant can communicate with a group of students
    To do this, the assistant image can be displayed on a large screen.

  • Assistant also uses the facilities connected to the Internet
    For example, a desktop computer or a mobile device: laptop or tablet.

  • Video viewing during the lesson
    And also, a demonstration of images and PDF files, playback of audio files.

  • Students can watch video
    or other multimedia materials during the lesson.

  • Interactive tests
    Various forms of quizzes and other tasks tasks.

  • You can carry out tests during the lesson
    Various forms of quizzes, giving students more control tasks.

  • You can carry out tests during the lesson
    Various forms of quizzes, giving students more control tasks.

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